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  I'm a long time Suikoden fan, I found many similarities between me and Chris Lightfellow. I keep another LJ under her name, thesilvermaiden, and it's my more personal journal, except I use Suikoden names and places instead of people's real names,

Well, that's about it. I'm glad I joined, and there's not many communities I really partake in, so this is a first.
See you all later,


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Well, I'm honored you've decided to join this meager community.

We're still in our infancy, but we hope we can get some really good fans going about this wonderful RPG series.

It's also nice to see someone cosplaying Suiko characters... that's not too common, in my experience. Kudos to you and those who do it with you!

I hope you share more of your Suikobsession with us in the future!

-The gensosuiko maintainer formerly known as amenonuhoko
I think some good old fashioned Zexen community shameless plugs are in order.
Hey I've seen that Ace before, I think. At an Orlando convention.
Yeah, you probably did. Last MegaCon. I was the X-2 Rikku running around with him.
Cool, cosplay ^^ I'm cosplaying this year, just not as a Suikoden character. I may do next year though.