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Suikoden Blog Crew.

I'm not sure if this is allowed, but I thought I might give it a try and spread the word to as many communities and Suikoden fans as possible. If it's not allowed here, I'll delete my post without any worries.

I decided to make a Suikoden blog crew that spans all the titles. My goal is to fill in all of the Stars of Destiny and get every Suikoden fan on livejournal collected in a huge list, so we can all mingle with each other. I started this just yesterday, and already I have a nice turn out, so I encourage any and all fans of Suikoden, Gaming, and RPGs to join and claim your favorite character before it's too late!

The original Blog Crew post is made public on my journal so anyone can sign up. That post is right here:

I'll keep the lists and coding updated as much as possible, so don't worry about that. Hurry and join in on the fun, and be a part of one of the largest blog crews out there!

Spread the word!

- X-posted to a bunch of Suikoden comms.
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