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Genso Suikoden

Community for Suikoden series fans!

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gensosuiko is a community for fans of Konami's hit RPG series, Genso Suikoden. You are encouraged to share your thoughts, ideas, theories, questions, complaints and fan media for any of the series' four main games, three gaiden games and the card stories games.

All I ask is that you show courtesy to other members in your posts and put images behind and LJ cut, to spare lag on your fellow members' friends pages. Please try not to spam the community with promotional ads for other communities, fansites or forums. If you have one to promote, please do so, but try and keep it to one post every week or so if you can.

If you have any comments, complaints or questions, you can contact amenonuhoko.

NOTE: I am not responsible for anything said or posted by other members in this community. Be warned that there may be mature content in these posts and if you are offended by this, please take it up with the poster themself. Thank you.